Sand and Sky Productions is a strategic partnership between two media arts companies specializing in graphic design, animation and mobile applications.   Their incredible collaboration efforts and creative talents have allowed them to develop top quality gaming and mobile applications as well as an assortment of winning 2D and 3D animations.    Sand and Sky Productions  was developed in 2016 with a focus on creating gaming and business mobile applications from a team that rocks!!!!!!!.
Sandy Tea from The Video Dominators   manages a US based video marketing and website development company.   She loves the creative and consulting work she is doing and especially loves helping individuals and businesses make their dreams come true!!!!!



Neil “Sky”  Dhar from  Creative Sky Studios manages an India based animation company.   He loves the creative process and each new developing app or video gets lots of TLC from Neil and his team!
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and let our powerful and creative teams build an outstanding app for you or your business!!!